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What is a web-site that hosts digital post-anywhere-notes for businesses and customers.

Digital post-anywhere-notes are like paper Post-it notes®, but they're digital, not paper. Plnkx notes are stored on the internet, just like your email.

Where do you post these notes? The short answer is: wherever you want.

Why? Because the notes don't just float around in a digital cloud. They are metaphorically pinned to an actual location. Pinned, for example, outside your local pet store, or posted on a pole next to the farmer's market. But instead of using house numbers and a street address to pinpoint the location, plnkx uses latitude and longitude coordinates, so any latitude and longitude coordinates will do.

How do you read the notes? With a web browser on your smart phone. Your phone knows if you're at the farmer's market or outside a pet store.


To make it easier for you to find the information you want, and to make it more efficient for businesses to get you the information you want.

For example, my family and I were on vacation in eastern Washington, visiting the Grand Coulee dam. We decided to stretch our legs in the park at the base of the dam before walking up the hill to the visitor center. After tossing around the Frisbee a bit, we walked up the hill. When we got to the visitor center at the top of the hill we discovered it was only open for another 20 minutes. Dang!

If we'd known when it closed, we'd have gone up sooner. Of course the Grand Coulee dam visitor center isn't a high-volume business like Starbucks, but wouldn't it be nice if obvious tourist information — like, When do you close? — was trivial to find?

Who is based in Seattle, Washington. With no full-time employees and no outside funding, it's currently a labor of love.


Anywhere you can get GPS-enabled cell-phone coverage. So, eventually, the world.


If you'd like to learn more, email me at:

About the name

plnkx (no vowels) is a portmanteau of internet place link.

An internet place link is simply a link on the internet that leads you to information relevant to a specific location. Your location is usually determined using your smart phone's GPS coordinates, although you may also manually enter the coordinates to identify your location. When you access from that location, information relevant to that location is returned to you.