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Actual Occurrences

A family on vacation decides to stretch their legs in the park before walking up to the Grand Coulee dam visitor center. When they finally get there they discover it’s only open for another 20 minutes. Had they known when it closed, they’d have gone there directly instead.

A private pilot with a full bladder lands at an airport, walks to a nearby bathroom, then has to walk back to his plane to look up the secret code that unlocks the bathroom door.

A bright sunny day and families galore come out to play in the park. Unsuspecting drivers park on the wrong side of the road. While the kids splash in the wading pool, a meter maid puts tickets on car windshields. A sad way to end the sunny day. A simple sign (actual or electronic) would have sufficed.

Additional Inspirations

A guy is fascinated by local bars. He posts information on his website. Another guy walks downtown, wondering which bars are good.

Tuesday night a guy sings and plays guitar at a local bar. Friday night a woman wants to know who that was.

A couple is traveling in Europe, staying in a certain hotel. They learn the Rick Steves tour group was just there. Are there any warnings or recommendations from people in that group?

Sorority girls sip margaritas on a beach in Mexico. Any other tri delt chapters here?

We're new in town. Any good resources for LGBT kids and their families?

And on and on. What do you know?

Share What You Know

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