Real Estate Gals: There Is No Later


Husband and wife drive down street. They see a for-sale sign, but it's not the one they're looking for.

They turn down another street. They're almost there.

When they get there, they see cars in the driveway

"Is this it?" asks the wife.

"It's the right number," says the husband.

"I thought there'd be a sign," says the wife.

"Me, too. Let's go. We can look it up later," says the husband.

They drive away.

And for various reasons, there is no later.


Two realestate gals are in the office. One is talking on the phone. She ends the call.

"That was the Kessells," she says. "They weren't sure if they were at the right place last weekend."

The second realestate agent thinks for a moment, then says, "Let's try that plnkx thing."

"The what?"

"Plnkx. P, L, N, K, X. No I, no ess."


The husband and wife couple drive by another house. Again, there's no sign.

"Try that plnkx thing they told us about," says the husband.

"I am, I am," says the wife.

She smiles. "This is it. There's a link with photos. The message was updated two hours ago. There's a similar house around the corner. Those gals are good."

"Let's check it out," says the husband.

The drive around the corner.

What's that plnkx thing?

Plnkx is short for internet place link. Say what?

Think of it like this.

You're at a certain location. Every location can be identified by its latitude and longitude coordinates.

So an internet place link is a link on the internet that's tied to a specific location, tied to that location's latitude and longitude coordinates.

Sure, google and other search engines try to be location-aware. But plnkx is all you. No ads. No recommendations. Only what you post. When and where you want.

Where you go is what you get. plnkx.